NOTE: Prices in this website are for New York salon "ONLY" Please see Red Lion Location for new pricing!"@Hillary J. White Soho Salon Spa is a Manhattan Trendy styled , Modern & Very unique full service salon and spa providing a unique combination of traditional & Trends beauty services such as hair and nail care, as well as skin care, cosmetics, spa services, body massage.We are also An Aveda Exclusive Family ! Relocated from Greenville and expanded with 3 stores combined ( Hair salon-Nails lounge- Barbershop Bar. It was founded by Hillary White Jean, a talented stylist and salon owner from New York's exclusive Chelsea market.Our salon is “ The State Of The Art “ in the region . We spared NO expense on building the salon to make sure your experience at our facility is unforgettable.IMPORTANT NOTICE: GROUPON DISCOUNTS ARE FOR FIRST TIME CLIENTS ONLY.WE WILL NOT EXCEPT SAME CLIENT ON THEIR SECOND VISIT TO THE SALON WITH SAME GROUPON DISCOUNTED .ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTICE :For the safety of your children and the comfort of our clients ,We DO NOT allowed any chidren at our facility under the age of 12 years old